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Did you know? When you wash at Laundry Guys, our services always include Aquawing OZONE, which means 99.9% of all germs, mold, bacteria, and viruses are killed on contact. It also means that EVERY load, EVERY wash, and EVERY machine is sanitized EVERY time!!!


of germs, mold, bacteria, and viruses on contact with

KILL 99%


Our Aquawing OZONE system offers the following advantages to you as a customer of Laundry Guys:


  • Your clothes will be whiter, brighter, cleaner, softer, and smell fresher EVERY time

  • Most stains are removed without any kind of pre-treatment

  • OZONE is safe, organic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly

  • Fabrics washed in ozonated water retain less moisture, resulting in reduced drying times

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